DataLab WestSax – Future and value creation lab west saxony

Summary – DataLab WestSax is a mobile, hybrid real laboratory for digital transformation. During the project period, medium-sized companies in the region of West Saxony will have the opportunity to develop knowledge on data-based value creation and to benefit from the many years of research and development experience of the two project partners (Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy (IMW) and University of Applied Sciences Zwickau(WHZ)).

General information about the project

Project term:

01.01.2022 bis 31.12.2024

Project lead:

Prof. Dr. Christoph Laroque (Project lead WHZ)


Cooperation partners:

Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy (IMW)

Project description

The Saxon State Ministry for Regional Development (SMR) supports the project within the framework of the future initiative simul+.

As part of the joint research project, a hybrid (virtual and on-site) real laboratory called “DataLab WestSax” will be set up in order to make the potential of data-based value creation tangible for regional public and private companies in the West Saxon region and to exploit it in the long term. DataLab WestSax brings together two strong research partners with complementary resources who have done very good preliminary work on data-based value creation. In the DataLab WestSax, companies can work together in close cooperation with experienced staff from IMW and WHZ on particularly relevant real experiments on data-based value creation, away from their day-to-day business. The research partners contribute their own extensive knowledge from research and industrial cooperation and ensure an outside-in challenge for the companies’ ideas. Beyond the real experiments (with the partner companies of our consortium), which are fixed at the beginning, the aim is to achieve continuous networking and visibility in an overarching think tank of DataLab WestSax, as well as to process system and target knowledge of the region of West Saxony in such a way that it creates value and meaningful benefits for the various stakeholders in the context of data-based value creation. The think tank serves to develop ideas, formats, demonstrators and concepts, which will be consolidated after the project period and used for the further development of the lab.

Visit our virtual lab. There we will give you an introduction to making data actionable and creating value from your data. We will also show you a selection of best practices from our real-world experiments.